Dear Family in Christ,

This message comes directly from Rich's family as of Tuesday evening via Kathy Sprinkle...

           The family of Rich Mullins would like to express our sincere
           appreciation for the incredible outpouring of support given to us in
           this time of loss. It is a comfort to know that Rich's life and ministry
           touched so many. We hope that the things he taught and sang, will
           continue to touch lives for many years to come. A mission close to
           Rich's heart is the work of Compassion USA. If you would like to help
           continue his ministry to hungry children, especially on the reservation,
           make a donation to Compassion USA in his name. Also please continue to
           remember Mitch McVicker, and the truck driver in your prayers.

           Thank You. 

Here are the Compassion contact details...

Compassion International
PO Box 7000
Colorado Springs, CO 80933
Phone: 1-800-334-KIDS

Please indicate "Rich Mullins Memorial Fund" on checks. Credit cards are accepted by phone. Funds will be applied to the Native American Outreach program. As you've just read, this would be Rich's desire. It is also Mitch's desire (this comes from Mitch's family on his behalf until he recovers).

Kathy called me last evening, and it was very good to talk to her (OK, so I cried half the time). Kathy Sprinkle has been a very close of Rich and his family for over twenty years. Those of you who have been on the RichMailList for a long time (and everyone in the Wichita CCM community) will remember her as Kathy Sanders on Light 99, until she left to start her own counseling practice. Kathy and I met about 8 years ago as we were both involved in the Campus Crusade Ministry. She has been with the family all week, and also shared some other prayer requests with me. We need to also remember in our prayers all the Ragamuffins—and all the musicians, artists, and CCM industry people that worked so close with Rich, and are obviously struggling with this—especially Beaker (he is with the family now). Lift them up to God, right now as you read this. Thank You.

Another person to pray for is Rich's manager Jim Dunning. He is struggling, probably more so than all of us, because he has to keep a clear head to make many quick decisions this week. I would like to pass along this note I received from Jim, to echo the sentiments I shared yesterday about NOT trying to go to the private family services. (Kathy informed me there are still complete strangers trying to make contact). Jim writes:

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  This is so sudden, he was so
young, and it is STILL a very private thing for family.  I know we all feel
we knew him, that is part of his legacy.  I know many feel well, I'll just
be there, but if one does and then another and another,
well.........................  please, allow the family to greive in
privacy, with dignity, and join the rest of the 'extended' family at one of
the other announced services.