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Telling The Joke

Considering The Lilies

23rd At 32

The Pursuit Of Happiness

Washing At Dark

Making/Being Made

The Way We Were

The Flight Of The Philistine

Attics & Temples

Boats And Burning Bushes

Three Things, Four

Playing Second Fiddle

Virtue Reality

His Master's Voice

Invisible Things

For Children Only

Play It Again

Pictures In The Sky

The Sound And The Worry

The Divine Obsession

The Big 4-Oh

Never Alone

Momentary Pleasures

Growing Still

The Communion Of Saints

Pretty Good Genes

RELEASExtra Part 1

RELEASExtra Part 2

RELEASExtra Part 3

RELEASExtra Part 4

Poet Cornered     by: Reed Alvin

Rags To Riches     by: Beaker

Christian Artist To Step Away From Musician's Life      by: Rich Copley

Singer Seeks Other Takes On Christianity      by: Jack W. Hill

Single Living     by: Melanie Friebel

Christian Singer Stays Out Of Music Spotlight      by: Robby Howard

Excuse Me, But Aren't You Rich Mullins      by: Jim Long

Requiem For A Ragamuffin     by: April Hefner and Lindy Warren

Remembering RicLeh     by: Mary Beth Bonacci

Singer Planned To Enter Church     by: Clare Donnelly

Daily Staff Article

Rich Music, Rich Memories     by: Reed Arvin

Daily Beacon Article

CCM Article

Another CCM Article

Letter From Rich's Close Friend and Manager

Where Mercy Leads    by: Phil Newman

Iowa State Daily

Chicago Tribune Article 1

Chicago Tribune Article 2

Chicago Tribune Article 3


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